Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Morning Brew

Just a typical Friday morning.

T-shirt is brewing.

Challah start is brewing.

Warp is brewing.

The dyeing bug has hit, as it does every so often. I wanted to put the jar out in the sun, but I was afraid that the many neighborhood animals would knock it over. I found a few goodies from the garden yesterday, bundled them up in the tee, and covered the whole with simmering water, old teabags and bay leaves (for luck).There is also a little sour salt in the jar. 

Can't wait to start threading and weaving, but we have a long weekend full of activity, so it may have to wait. I hate when that happens, because every time I walk by the loom I am reminded that I am a poor steward of the yarn hanging over the front of the loom. It also gives me too much opportunity to re-think my project. So many options, and only one warp.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have only myself to blame, according to Art, because I wound this little cake of hand-dyed silk. And I suppose he is right.

I managed to get about 270 yards wound onto my warping reel before all hell broke loose, with knotted loops of yarn coming off both ends of the middle. And now, I am asking myself (and you) how many hours I should spend trying to remedy the situation.

Notes to future self: 1. Wind silk yarn onto warping reel directly from the skein (from the swift). 2. Sometimes, drinking a cup of coffee and a writing a blog post is helpful.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Clean Greys vs. Dirty

Meg mentioned that grey is her favorite color, and it is mine too (I like to think that we are evil twins as weavers as well as weeders). I love grey in cloth, but not in nature. Right now, it is that gloomy time of spring when the temperatures still fluctuate between 30s and 60s, and our tall plants are smashed and drooping to the ground as a result of having not been trimmed (my bad) in the fall, and having had so much snow heaped upon them all winter (mother nature's bad). Outside looks dirty grey, and we need a few good April showers to wash away the winter debris. And, of course, I need to get outside in my rain boots and lop off a few tall grasses.

Meanwhile, the spring cleaning bug has bitten, and I have done little else, other than prepare for Passover and spin this merino/silk blend.

I made a few weak attempts at weaving the black and cream, but I just haven't enjoyed it. I tried a grey weft, but it just didn't pop. I adjusted the sett, and that did work, so I kept going with the black for about 22 inches. Then I just couldn't. It's one of those drafts, I suppose, that is good if you have planned yardage for a specific purpose, such as chair cushions, but since it is not a wide enough warp for chair cushions, I have decided not to continue with it. I decided, instead, in my classic early spring ennui and laziness, to empty my leftover handspun bobbins into a plain weave scarf whose colors remind me of our Florida vacation this past winter.

Yes, you've seen these colors from me before. I suppose that they are my colors, for now; but I do love the elegance of white, grey and silver, and I hope to work more in a grey-scale palette in the future. Perhaps I will throw a few silver inlays into this piece, just to make the transition, and make it not-so-plain; but I do love how the colors are as haphazardly changeable as the ocean, and I don't want to over-design.

But rain? Yes, please. Clean greys are always welcome.