Monday, December 14, 2015

End of Warp Report

I hate it when a miscalculation in the length of my warp leaves me with one last scarf just short of scarf length. Do I make it a cowl, or a table scarf, or does it just go into the yardage pile for future projects? At any rate, this is the end of the warp.

I will not apologize for the odd colors. Browns and greens are not for everyone, but someone likes them--at least that is what I am going to tell myself. For me, the appeal of this piece is in the weave structure, the surprising changes in hue, and the fact that I spun the all the yarn for this cloth with my own two hands.

I am making peace with the Baby Mac, which came to me without a foot break. One must pull a cord in order to unwind warp from the back beam, and sometimes, this brings forward too much warp, too quickly. After some hits and misses on the first few projects, we are beginning to work more in concert. I still dream of loom upgrades. Please don't tell Art.

The plan for the coming year is to weave down my stash. This should prove challenging, since most of the yarns on the shelves are white, off-white and linen-grey/beige. Not that this is a bad thing, but it means I will have to become more knowledgeable about dyeing techniques--something I didn't really see in my future until recently. For me, the fun has always been more in the spinning and weaving, so this will be a game-changer.

Hope your weather is as mild as ours. We continue to take our evening walks around the neighborhood, and I can hardly believe it's December!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Golden Sunlight, Last Leaves

Scarf Number Three,  5 Fold M's and O's. Same threading, different tie-up, different weft. The colors really mirror what's happening outside.

Salon Finished Warp

This yarn has been to the beauty parlor. I had plain chocolate brown in the stash that was a little flat and boring, so I discharge-dyed it for highlights, then wound it together with some hand-painted brown yarn.

It's a very long warp, so I've been playing with Marguerite Davison's 5 Fold M's and O's draft, which has a nice variety of weaves on one threading. Here are the first two:

My hand-spun Polworth/silk singles has a kind of 70s vibe that really appeals to my sense of nostalgia. The huck scarf in the top photo has not had it's bath yet, but the bottom photo shows how the first scarf bloomed and softened in the finishing process.  I can't wait to weave the next couple of scarves on this warp. They're each a little different.


I've been weaving loads of samples on the eight-shaft loom I purchased in late summer. It came with a learning curve. My feet are finally getting to know which treadles are which, and I am learning to beat with a lighter beat than on the larger four-shaft loom. Interestingly, my selvages are awful on this loom, while they are completely fine on the other. So, lots of practice in my future.


And I've had a beautiful season of just living my life. I haven't really felt like blogging as much as I've felt like weaving and taking walks around the neighborhood. There is so much inspiration outside. The leaves have been spectacular and I've actually moved my finishing work from the dining room table to the kitchen table so that I can watch the trees outside my window while I twist fringe. We had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago (an exercise I will never repeat!) and I enjoyed two days just sitting in the sunny driveway, knitting a new cardigan between visits from potential customers.