Monday, July 14, 2014

Blueberry Lemon Pie

I'm working on a little twill number I call "Blueberry Lemon Pie," in honor of Davi's visit home last week. I made a huge deep-dish affair, with polka dots of crust on top to let the berries bubble through. Funny how I didn't remember that I would have to double the baking time called for in the recipe. Or maybe I didn't remember because the pie never took so long before. At any rate, we inhaled the pie.

After driving Davi back downstate, we took a little walk through her town, saw where she worked, and had a nice early dinner before heading home. Here we are, relaxing in a local open-air market. Art has made a tradition of taking family foot shots, wherever we go (I'm the grey-sneakers on the right).

And here's the little point twill...

I had been thinking about over-dyeing it to even out the color, but changed my mind. Life is full of these little variations.

We really loved that pie.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rule of Three

I've been playing around with inlay, as a way of using up little leftover bits of handspun. Here's the first scarf in the series, just after fringing.

I'm working on the second one now...

It's much, too much fun, although slow going because of the seemingly random inlays. This project also gives me an opportunity to use my beloved poke shuttle, as well as variations on the rule of three.

There is a third scarf yet to weave on this warp (and possibly an extra piece of yardage at the end). I think I could become addicted to this technique!

Today I became the happy owner of a TENS unit, a dear little machine that uses electrical impulses to banish arthritis pain. I weave on.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Something's Bobbin...

I spun up some 50/50 silk/yak fiber a few weeks ago, and envisioned a scarf with a neutral background, on which I could inlay weft from some of my many leftover handspun bobbins. Here's what I came up with. The warp is natural 20/2 silk. And I am having fun!

Feeling productive again. I think it helps when I can open all the windows and smell the grass and flowers. The bronchitis is history.