Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eine Kleine Plain Weave

The roofing festivities are just about over. When we have warmer weather, the guys will come back to do a few other little things. One of those is to put on a new front door. Which means this will not be happening as planned. I had anticipated hanging the lacy, textured cloth from a copper plumbing pipe over the front door. The hanging will have to go elsewhere, but I do look forward to a "big reveal" at some point. For now, I am happy not to have anyone trailing bits of fiberglass insulation through the house, and I look forward to having quiet time at the loom again.

Here is Scarf Number Two on the teal warp...

A little plain weave with the Polworth/silk blend I spun last week. The yarn has so much character, it didn't seem necessary to add pattern into the mix. I'm still struggling to photograph the green. I am fairly certain that these colors will show true when I photograph the finished scarves in the proper light. The stripes will also blend and soften quite a bit, when I wet-finish the cloth.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Day After

I apologize for having missed this year's April Spools Day. We are getting a new roof, and the commotion has me a little frazzled. There is, indeed, something louder than my shuttle going back and forth! Since I have to be home while the bodies (pieces of old roof) fall to the ground, I am thrilled to have this.

My handspun Shetland singles offers many possibilities, some of which reminded me immediately of the kitchen in my first apartment, and some that are actually quite pleasing. The green warp still looks blue in the photos.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Keeping My Hands Warm

We are getting a new roof next week, which should make the house much more comfortable. Apparently, we've had no insulation for 24 years. Meanwhile, this helps to keep the hands happy.

Here's some classic Shatner to usher in the weekend. Stay warm.