Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What If...?

Following my last post, Meg commented that she liked the inlays in my recent batch of scarves that are similar in color to the warp yarn. I like them as well, so I have been including more spots of inlay utilizing the warp yarn.

I also thought, "What if I were to use my background tabby yarn for inlays?" The block of twill at the top of the stack, below, shows the result.

Because the twill lines are closer together than the picks of tabby, the inlays appear darker even though the yarns are the same. And because the yarn was hand spun for a random effect, it also varies in hue and saturation, thus adding another interesting dimension to the cloth.

I experimented, this time, with alternate treadling, but decided that there was just too much going on; so, it's back to tabby and herringbone. Certainly nothing groundbreaking, but the placement of the inlays and the colors are what make this piece interesting and fun for me.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Morning

I'm continuing along the plain-tabby-with-inlay path that I embarked upon earlier this summer. The first three scarves, woven on a natural silk warp, came out quite nicely after finishing. I've been enjoying the free-form aspect and endless variety of this technique, and it's given me the opportunity to use many of the beautiful "weft-overs" in my bobbin basket.

The first two scarves have a light, almost crinkly hand because of the open sett and tabby background weft. The third scarf is herringbone with no inlay. I brushed it a little after washing, to give it a soft, buttery finish.

My INCREDIBLY FABULOUS and AMAZING daughter gave me an Etsy gift card for Mother's Day, and with it I purchased some soft/soft silk/camel down spinning fiber from Tabi. Here's the yarn in progress.

This morning, I began the next set of scarves in the series, after winding a white silk warp hand-painted with a subtle wash of silver grey and pale blue. I'm using the Mother's Day yarn as background weft, keeping the sett open, again.

Don't hate me, but this Friday morning there were birds chirping outside the window by my loom.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blueberry Lemon Pie

I'm working on a little twill number I call "Blueberry Lemon Pie," in honor of Davi's visit home last week. I made a huge deep-dish affair, with polka dots of crust on top to let the berries bubble through. Funny how I didn't remember that I would have to double the baking time called for in the recipe. Or maybe I didn't remember because the pie never took so long before. At any rate, we inhaled the pie.

After driving Davi back downstate, we took a little walk through her town, saw where she worked, and had a nice early dinner before heading home. Here we are, relaxing in a local open-air market. Art has made a tradition of taking family foot shots, wherever we go (I'm the grey-sneakers on the right).

And here's the little point twill...

I had been thinking about over-dyeing it to even out the color, but changed my mind. Life is full of these little variations.

We really loved that pie.